About Us

Air Link International Aviation College was founded by Captain Geronimo Amurao more than two decades ago. During that time, he was a Philippine Airline pilot flying a BAC-1-11 plane. Together with his friends in the aviation industry and other business associates, he established a small flying school that has grown to become the premier aviation college offering the complete basic and aviation courses. However, the school's philosophy remains the same up to this day which emphasizes academic excellence, values management, efficiency, effectiveness, safety, and a technologically-based quality education. 

Air LInk International Aviation College is committed to serve the Filipino people by producing CHAMPIONS: Creative, Humane, Active, Morally upright, Physically-fit, Intellectually-alert, Output-oriented and Safe.


Air Link International Aviation College is an educational institution committed to maintain a level of quality, excellence and value in all its services and academic programs that will merit learners and stakeholders’ satisfaction.  It envisions to become the leading and premier provider of aviation training and basic education in the Philippines.

Mission of Tertiary Department

  1. To integrate Academic Instructions with technological skills to form a continuous pattern of advancement towards relevant career objectives.
  2. To further the reputation of this institution as a Premier Center of advance learning in the field of Aviation, Aerospace and other Allied Services.
  3. To contribute to the national agenda towards improving Higher Education and Vocational Training as the key to sustainable economic growth.
  4. To equip our graduates with knowledge and skills in order to mold him/her to be an industry competent professional.
  5. To inculcate in our graduates a deep sense of values with high respect for human welfare, justice and equity.
  6. To provide our graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit to become industry and community leaders.

Mission of Basic Education

Air Link International Aviation College aims to be an educational institution that efficiently and effectively:

  • produces academically competent graduates,
  • provides client-focused services,
  • adopts quality management systems, and
  • advocates community and church services.

Air Link International Aviation College - Basic Education aims to provide quality education for the development of persons with a solid foundation and readiness to serve the society.