High School Graduate Transferees
Original Copy if High School Card ( Form 138) Transcript of Records
Good Moral Character Transfer Credentials
Picture 2×2 ID (2 pcs.) Good Moral Character
Photocopy of Birth Certificate Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  Recommendation Letter from Dean of School.
  *with Entrance Examination
Requirements for FOREIGN STUDENTS, 9F Visa Conversion
New Student Special Study Permit (SSP)
National Bureau of Investigation Clearance (NBI) National Bureau of Investigation Clearance (NBI)
Quarantine Clearance National Intelligence Clearance (NICA)
National Intelligence Clearance (NICA) Passport
Passport Picture - 6 Copies (2x2)
Picture - 6 Copies (2x2) School I.D
School I.D  
Requirements for Extension of Visa (9F)
(Photocopy the following 2 copies each)
Passport pages including Personal Data last Visa
School - ID - (AY 2014-2015)
2 Copies 2x2 Picture (White Background)
Certification of Grades
A letter of explaination with Failing Grades (Notarized)
Barangay Clearance (For Change of Address)


Enrollment Procedures

For New Students and Transferees

1.) Obtain an application form from the Registrar’s Office and submit a 2x2 picture.
2.) Accomplish the application forma and submit the same to the Registrar’s Office for the scheduling of Entrance Examination, the result of which shall be released two days thereafter.
3.) Report to the Registrar’s Office, secure a copy of Student Handbook and School Scholastic Record (SSR) and submit all necessary scholastic records.

Entrance Exam Dates

Entrance Exam for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Trimester of the following year is scheduled every month from August until the last week of May.


A foreign student who is seeking admission to the Philippine School and still in the country of origin at the time of application must observe the following procedures:

1.) An Authenticated documents of the following from the Philippine Service Post from the country of origin must be submitted:

          a. Scholastic Records including diploma (High School or College)
          b. Affidavit of Support
          c. Bank Statement

2.) Upon Submission of the above-mentioned documents:

          a. A student is required to pay an acceptance fee for foreign students.
          b. A letter of acceptance will be issued to the student for reference purposes before the issuance of a student visa (9F) from his country of origin.
          c. The student is also required to fill out five copies of Personal History Statements with picture and thumb mark attached to it.
          d. Once these are completed, all documents will be submitted to the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.


A student, in order to transfer to another academic program, must pass the Qualifying Examinations and Minimum Grade Requirements of the respective academic program.


  • A student of a recognized High School, who graduated Valedictorian, shall receive one trimester FULL TUITION FEE SCHOLARSHIP; a Salutatorian, shall receive one trimester HALF TUITION FEE SCHOLARSHIP and a First to Third Honorable Mention shall receive a tuition fee discount of 25% for one trimester provided that he/she meets all the college entrance requirements. To maintain these privileges, the recipient must be able to obtain a cumulative average of 1.25 to qualify for a FULL TUITION FEE SCHOLARSHIP, 1.3 to 1.4 for HALF TUITION FEE SCHOLARSHIP and 1.5 for 25% TUITION FEE DISCOUNT, respectively. Provided further, the recipient must have not obtained any grade lower than 2.0

  • Candidate for scholarship should apply in writing to the College Director through the Registrar prior to enrollment, stating therein his/her intentions to avail of the privilege, together with a copy of all his/her class cards immediately preceding three (3) trimesters. For ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIP, the applicant must submit to the Registrar a certifies copy of his/her school credentials, including a copy of his/her Certificate of Honor together with the recommendation letter from the school authorities from the previous school.

  • The applicant must not have dropped any subject prior to his/her application in order to qualify to any scholarship programs.

  • A first year student during his /her first trimester may be given an adjusted mark of one grade lower than 2.5 but in no case should it be lower than 2.75

  • Any applicant for scholarship must have earned at least 18 units during his/her trimester, unless the curriculum provides otherwise.

  • If any student has either a brother or sister also enrolled in this school, the latter is qualified to avail of the TEN PERCENT TUITION FEE DISCOUNT.