Degree Courses

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Major in Flying

A three year degree course designed to prepare students to become professional airline/ general aviation pilots and to develop skills needed to be future managers/leaders in aviation. Graduates of this course undergo the primary basic ground flying course (private pilot license) as well as the advanced ground and commercial flying course (commercial pilot license). It also includes instrument Rating course and Flight Instructors Airlink Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) courses.

Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

A four year program designed to give the sutdent in-dept  knowledge in aerospace/aircraft design, aerodynamics, propulsion structures and technology, flight and space dynamics, automatic control, structural analysis and aircraft component design. It also encourages and teaches cutting-edge research and development. It is a realecant and rapidly advancing field that has a great potential in ushering economic progress for our country through the aviation and its related industries.

Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology

A three year course focused in giving the individual student a first hand knowledge of the "live aircreaft and engine" that propels and airplane. The student is taught the construction, operation, overhaul, installation and repair of powerplant, propeller, accessories and other structural parts of the aircraft. Graduates of this course can also process, repair, disassemble airplanes, as well as make preliminary surveys, and estimate the required maintenance and repair of the aircraft and engine. It also equips them with the skills required for manay vocational fields like wielding, woodworking, sheet metal, riveting, hand foaming and spray painting, they are also taught engine generator, ignition, fuel injection system and carburation system and overhaul as well as electrical and hydraulic repair including actual airplane ground engine operation, testing taxing operation, a requirement in securing license in Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP). Highly skilled aircraft maintenance technology graduates can get lucrative positions here and abroad.

Bachelor of Science in Avionics Technology

        A three year program that describes the electronic equipment aboard the aircraft (known as avionics electronics)which compose of VHF, HF communication, navigational instruments such as VOR , ADF, DME, GPS, ILS and flight recorded and the airplanes electrical generating systems as well as its auto pilot systems and the airplanes weather radar system. Turbine powered commercial airplanes, commuter and corporate piston powered aircraft and spacecrafts use various forms of avionics such as vacuum & electrically operated flight instruments. Individuals gain knowlegede about electronic theory and circuity, digital principles and its application, aircraft system and structures. They learn to install, test, check, repair and certify avionics equipment and systems installed in all aircrafts.

Students are also taught the basic electricity, radio and television. Like aircraft maintenance graduates avionics experts are always in demand in the airline and civil aviation industry. Students are also taught computer literacy which is necessary to lean the computerized system of the airplane like flight director and auro pilot systems.

Bachelor of Science in Tourism

A three year course geared towards enhancing the knowledge skills and creativity of the person for planning, marketing, financing and managing tourism programs as well as manning tourist related industries. The students learn to be effective and successful promoters of the country’s natural and cultural attraction to local and international travelers. They are taught the essentiial skill to translate national development goals to viable tourism plans and programs. The managerial and creative aspects of the tourism industry are delved in first hand with vatious field visits practicum. Students are also taught computer literacy and basic selected foreign language.

Bachelor of Science in Office Administration Major in Airline Management

A three year program for future entrepreneurs interested in a career in a airline management. It gives the student the opportunity to meet dynamic people to become qualified managers or staff in the airline or tourism industry. Students are also trained in the operational aspect of office management and basic accou and recording system. With full literacy in computer technology as applied in business management in general.